Carrie Mead, LCPC 
Mental Health Therapist in Maryland
Treating Anxiety and Depression
Carrie Mead, LCPC
Maryland Psychotherapist

Attachment Theory : Secure, Avoidant, or Anxious

Blogs by Carrie Mead, LCPC

Core Values : PDF

Curiosity Life Coaching with Carrie Mead, MS

Domestic Violence: NCADV | News | Stats | Maryland IVP | Hotline Crisis Line

Drama Triangle: Karpman’s Drama Triangle, BPD, What is it?

EFT Tapping: Resources

Ester Perel: Rethinking Infidelity

Feelings Wheel

Free Counseling in Maryland: Pro Bono Counseling

Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages: Quiz

Gottman: The Four Horsemen (Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling, Contempt)

Maryland Mental Health Association

Maryland Crisis Response Teams, by County.

National Alliance for Mental Illness: (NAMI)

No Surprises Act

Relationship Bill of Rights: Psychology Today

Rape Crisis of Carroll County

Start your Recovery (SYR)

Suicide Prevention: Lifeline

Suicide Prevention for Veterans: 22Zero & Stop Solider Suicide

Sexual Assault Help: RAINN

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