Psychosocial Evaluations

Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC | 443.951.3986 | Maryland

Do you need an evaluation?

If you are involved in a court case, a mental health evaluation can be an important component of your case. Whether you are seeking custody of a child or have recently been terminated from your job unfairly or if you were involved in an accident, I can help you.

Psychosocial evaluations include extensive interviewing by a licensed mental health therapist and a thorough, professionally written, evaluation to objectively review your case from a mental health perspective.

If you are a lawyer, a state agency, or a concerned family member, please contact me with questions or to schedule your free consultation call.

What to Expect

Evaluations will require 1-3 video conference sessions, each of 60- 90 minutes. After completing the interviews and evaluations, a written report will be submitted to you and your lawyer. This report will be an important part of your case and these mental health evaluations can only be conducted by licensed mental health professionals, like me.

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