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From time to time, we all need help. Therapy is a place to explore your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and inner-most desires. The counseling session is a safe, judgment-free zone for healing and restoration. If you are plagued by chronic stress, feeling overwhelmed, or simply wish to feel more inner-peace and wisdom in your life, reach out to me on 443.951.3986 or contact me here.

Why Seek Counseling?


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Treatment for Anxiety in Maryland
Treatment for Anxiety

“Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by danger or ruminating, unrelenting negative thoughts”


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Treatment for Depression and Fear
Treatment for Insomnia

“A chronic condition impacting the ability to initiate sleep or maintain quality sleep leading to low mood, stress, and memory impairments”


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Treatment for Fear and Depression in Maryland
Treatment for Fear

“A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger or pain; the threat can be real or imagined”


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Treatment for Depression
Treatment for Depression

“An emotional state of sadness, gloom, low spirit, lethargy, anger, or dejection”


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Treatment for Chronic Stress in Maryland
Treatment for Chronic Stress

“A mind-body triggered response to an unpleasant, harmful, or overwhelming situation”


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Treatment for Trauma and PTSD
Treatment for Trauma and PTSD

“A psychological and/ or physical wound caused by a painful, frightful experience”

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Mental Health Therapy provided throughout the state of Maryland

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Offering telemental health counseling sessions for Marylanders. Treating adults with anxiety, depression, chronic stress or trauma.

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