Life Coaching

Life Coaching | Carrie Mead, MS | 443.951.3986

Many psychotherapists, like me, are now offering life coaching sessions. I am trained by the Institute of Life Coach Training and I am certified Seasons of Change Coach. If you are interested in my coaching services, please follow this link to my life coaching website.

Life Coaching is quite different than therapy for a number of reasons and depending on your needs, you may prefer coaching to therapy. Together we can make that decision. In the mean time you can read my blog on the differences here.

Let’s talk. Book a free consultation to see if Life Coaching is right for you.

What to Expect

Life Coaching is fast-paced, action oriented and led by your goals. Rather then looking for clues about how the past is influencing your life today, we are working in the here-and-now. Count on me to be your accountability partner throughout your transformation. I know your capable of achieving your goals and I want you to believe that too!

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