Online Therapy

Telehealth allows you to receive mental health counseling without travelling to the office for the appointment. Therapy sessions take place using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform. Whether you have depression, anxiety, trauma, or you are dealing with some other challenge to your mental health, our online sessions will meet your needs.

Benefits of Telemental Health

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • No missed appointments due to traffic, getting stuck in a meeting or when you are sick
  • No need to hire a babysitter or pay for transportation and gas to the office
  • You get to create a safe, comfortable environment in your home or work space for your sessions
  • HIPAA- compliant and ethically appropriate way to treat most mental health conditions

Requirements for a Successful Session

  • Locate yourself in Maryland ; session must be conducted in the state in which I am licensed.
  • Access to Internet or reliable Wifi
  • Computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Bright lighting
  • Quiet, secure location from which to hold your appointment. Such as:
    • An office or bedroom with a closed door
    • A room in your home away from the TV, family, and other distractions
    • Your car
    • Your office
    • Private outdoor space
  • Headset or earphones to ensure privacy
  • Comfortable seating where you can rest your phone or computer and your entire face is visible on screen

Things to Avoid

  • Dark rooms
  • Moving chairs such as rockers or swivel chairs
  • Noise
  • Public spaces such as parks, the beach, your living room or an open-plan office space
  • Driving
  • Being out of state. Therapy must take place in the state of Maryland.

Let’s talk. Book a session.

If you are interested in learning more about how telemental health can help you with anxiety, depression, and stress, call me. Each session will teach you the skills necessary to regain control of your life and we will create a safe place for you to explore your inner-most thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.

What to Expect

We will meet via video conference for ‘telemental health’ 1x per week for 50 minutes. You may be in therapy for several months or a year. The length and frequency of your commitment to therapy will depend on many things and there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula. We will work together to improve your mood and achieve your treatment goals. Should you wish to switch to in-person sessions at some point, we can discuss that option. Call me for more information.

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Carrie Mead, MS, LCPC  Psychotherapist
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